The responsible tour operator is Finnish Oy Kon-Tiki Tours Ltd (1929/00/Jj Mv, SMAL 39610) or Kon-Tiki’s subsidiary Björk & Boström Urheilumatkat Oy (9442/10/MjU, SMAL 40711), which are listed on the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority register of tour operators obligated to lodge a guarantee  and observes the General terms and conditions for package travel. The General terms and conditions for package travel have been agreed upon between the Association of Finnish Travel Agents (AFTA) and the Finnish Consumer Ombudsman.  The special terms and conditions supplement these General terms and conditions. In accordance with the Finnish Act on Travel Service Combinations, Kon-Tiki Tours and Björk & Boström has lodged a guarantee, which covers all package tours offered to consumers. These terms and conditions are based on the mandatory provisions of Directive (EU) 2015/2302 of the European Parliament and of the Council on package travel and linked travel arrangements and the Finnish Act on Travel Service Combinations (901/2017/

Due to the special nature of our package tours and the extraordinary regulations (e.g. reservation and sales terms for scheduled flights) applicable to the modes of transportation used, we hereby apply the special terms and conditions specified herein in addition to the General terms and conditions for package travel. Travellers are urged to thoroughly acquaint themselves with all terms and conditions for travel. Upon making the prepayment, travellers accept the terms and conditions and are legally bound to abide by them. To reiterate, we advise all travellers to ensure that their own travel insurance is valid when booking a package tour. This allows travellers to, among other things, file an insurance claim for compensation on, for example, cancellation fees. We urge all travellers to carefully read the terms and conditions of their insurance policies when booking a package tour, particularly where cancellation insurance is concerned: some policies may contain a limitation of liability clause, which may expand the traveller’s liability.

Package tour contract, payments and changes to price
The package tour contract shall enter into effect when the traveller submits their prepayment to us by the given due date upon booking a package tour. The final payment shall be submitted by no later than the due date specified on the invoice, which is typically two (2) months prior to the starting date of the package tour but depends on the nature of the package tour in question. For some package tours (e.g. major sporting events) the final payment may fall due sooner than two (2) months. If the traveller fails to submit their payment by the given due date, the tour operator reserves the right to terminate the contract. If the package tour is booked after the expiration of the payment schedule for the package tour in question, the entire amount of the package tour shall be paid immediately.

The prices specified in our offers are based on currency exchange rates and price levels valid at the time of booking. In accordance with section 8 of the General terms and conditions for package travel, we reserve the right to make changes to package tour prices, schedules and itineraries. The tour operator reserves the right to change the specified hotel to one of an equivalent or higher standard without any obligation to reduce the price or pay compensation. We reserve the right to make changes to prices due to circumstances beyond our control, such as on the grounds of increases in fuel costs, charges levied by authorities, service charges or flight costs in the destination country. This right also includes changes in currency exchange rates. If the given size of a group decreases, we reserve the right to change the price. Each case is handled on a case-specific basis.

The prepayment amount for our European package tours is EUR 300/traveller and for overseas package tours 450 EUR/traveller. The amount of the prepayment may deviate from the above-mentioned sums on a case-specific basis according to the booking terms and conditions for the services being purchased (e.g. the prepayment for sporting events is 50% of the total package tour price). When booking package tours for sporting events, we charge an administrative fee of 15 EUR (incl. VAT) per invoice.

The traveller’s right to request changes to the contract and transfer the package tour to another traveller. In accordance with the right to request changes and transfer package tours specified in section 7, we shall charge for any costs incurred by changes and transfers made as well as an administrative fee. The traveller shall pay for any costs incurred by changes made, and both the traveller and recipient of the transfer shall pay for any costs incurred by the transfer.

Traveller responsibilities and accuracy of information
Travellers shall be responsible for ensuring that they provide the correct name and address information when booking a package tour. When flying, the passenger name given shall be the same as the name(s) appearing in their passport. Hyphenated first names and hyphenated last names shall be given in their entirety. Middle names are not required, unless otherwise requested. Travellers shall be obligated to check their participant certificate and report any errors or missing information prior to submitting payment. The time at which a flight ticket is issued varies according to each airline’s own rules and the package tour in question. After issuing flight tickets, the airline shall charge a change fee for making changes to the passenger name and re-issuing the ticket. The amount of this fee is specific to each airline.

Passport and other travel documents
A valid passport is required for all of our package tours. Some countries require that the passport be set to expire at least six months after the final day of travel. The passenger shall ensure the validity and condition of their passport as well as that it contains a sufficient number of empty pages. The tour operator shall not be responsible for any damages incurred by the traveller in the event that their package tour is prevented or interrupted due to inadequate travel documents, a damaged passport or a refused visa. A form of photo identification issued by the Police may be used as a travel document in place of a passport in certain countries. For further information, consult the Police and Finnish Border Guard websites.

Group contact person
A group leader shall serve as the contact person for travellers, unless otherwise agreed. The contact person shall be entitled to make agreements on travel arrangements with the tour operator that are binding for all participating travellers. The contact person shall be responsible for ensuring that the members of the group receive information on the terms and conditions of the package tour and other agreed matters in accordance with sections 2.6.5.-2.6.6. of the General terms and conditions for package travel. We ask that travellers who require a personal assistant for a package tour handle these arrangements on their own.

Travel insurance
Our package tours do not include cancellation insurance. During the booking phase, we urge travellers to take out a travel insurance policy that includes coverage for cancellations due to, for example, the sudden, unexpected illness of an immediate family member or other relative. Please contact your own insurance provider for more detailed information. We also urge travellers to carefully read the cancellation insurance clause in their policy, particularly if it is an annual policy or a policy attached to a payment card. In some insurance policies, the amount of compensation may be restricted, thus increasing the traveller’s liability. Because a travel insurance policy may include restrictions on pre-existing conditions, we require all travellers to carefully check the scope of coverage offered by the policy where the illness of an immediate family member or other relative is concerned.

Rights of the traveller to cancel a booking
Our package tours are specialized trips intended for groups or individual travelers. Due to the special nature of our package tours, we apply cancellation terms that differ from those in the General terms and conditions for package travel. These cancellation terms shall apply regardless of the reason for cancellation. If a traveller cancels their package tour no later than 90 days before the scheduled package tour, their pre-payment will be reimbursed after deducting administrative fees (€160/person) and any cancellation fees charged by service providers (airlines, hotels). We shall charge an administrative fee of €250/person and other cancellation fees charged by service providers for package tours cancelled later than 90 days before the scheduled package tour.

Cancellation fees shall always be negotiated on a case-by-case basis and can, in some cases, be equal to the full price of the package tour. In addition to administrative fees, the tour operator reserves the right to collect any cancellation fees charged to the tour operator by an airline, hotel or other service provider (e.g. activity services, tickets for concerts, theater or other productions, safaris, excursions, charges for underused of accommodations, etc.) (See section 1.3 of the General terms and conditions for package travel). When booking speciality package tours (e.g. NHL, football, ice hockey, golf, skiing), the price of tickets and event fees will be included in the pre-payment. The amount paid for tickets and event fees shall not be refunded in the event that the package tour is cancelled of if the traveller fails to make use of the tickets for any reason. Issued flight tickets, admission tickets or other types of special tickets cannot be cancelled. If the package tour is cancelled, the reservation for special tickets will also be automatically cancelled. The tour operator shall collect the entire cost incurred by cancelled tickets. We always check any fees charged to change the passenger name on an airline-specific basis. Missing names may result in the loss of airline seat assignments.

The Olympic Games and other major sporting events always require pre-payment, which includes all accommodation costs and special tickets. When cancelling such package tours, we are required to charge for all actual costs incurred, even in cases when the cancellation is made more than one (1) year before the scheduled package tour. Contact Björk & Boström regarding its own special terms and conditions for special events. Tickets included in the package tour are ordered from the destination, depending on the ticketing agency. The fees charged by ticketing agencies are considerably higher than the base price for tickets. The base price is shown on tickets, not the purchase price. A price estimate is given when booking. Tickets cannot be refunded.

Non-group package tours
The customer shall be responsible for confirming the return flight with the airline and checking the flight departure time. We recommend confirming the return flight for long-distance flights.

Changes made by the tour operator
Kon-Tiki Tours reserves the right to make changes to the package tour contract in accordance with section 9 of the General terms and conditions for package travel.

The amount of baggage that may be carried at no extra cost depends on the airline. One carry-on bag may be brought into the cabin. Excess baggage fees set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) are charged on scheduled commercial flights. The traveller shall be personally responsible for complying with baggage regulations and paying any excess baggage fees.

If any disputes concerning the package tour contract cannot be resolved in negotiations between the parties, the consumer may bring the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board ( for resolution. Prior to bringing the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer must contact the Consumer Advisory Service at the Local Register Office ( The consumer may also bring the dispute before the District Court for resolution. The link to the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform is

Flight safety regulations
Carry-on bags must not contain any sharp objects, such as knives, nail clippers, files or corkscrews. One cigarette lighter and matchbox is permitted on board but must be carried in the passenger’s pocket. Liquids (including gels, fragrances, etc.) are permitted in carry-on bags, but certain restrictions do apply. Liquids must be packed in a transparent, resealable one-litre plastic bag (Minigrip) and each type of liquid must be kept in a container no more than 100 ml in size). Each passenger may bring no more than a one-litre bag (Minigrip) with liquid containers into the cabin as carry-on baggage. Further information: and airlines.

Medications and personal aids while travelling and reduced mobility
Beginning in 2017, the law requires that all travellers bring any electronic prescriptions (e-prescriptions) along when travelling. The authorities recommend that travellers bring at least one of the following documents along when travelling:
– patient instructions printed by a physician, listing all medications prescribed for the patient at that time.
– a signed English summary from the pharmacy or physician prescribing the medications, i.e. a copy of the e-prescription. The copy may be printed for medications purchased from a pharmacy.
– a Finnish summary of the prescriptions you may purchase from a pharmacy or health care provider or print out from the My Kanta online service. Users may log in to the service using either an electronic identity card (HST card), online banking codes or mobile ID. If necessary, it is a good idea to ask your health care professional or the pharmacy for an English copy.

Medications (and prescriptions) should be packed in carry-on bags in their original packaging. For more detailed information on renewing prescriptions, please visit

We also ask that you notify the group leader of any mobility restrictions you might have so that we can try to make the necessary arrangements, if at all possible. Personal aids: It is recommended that you mention any personal aids as well as any devices and prostheses in or on your body that may trigger an alarm during the security inspection.

Special dietary needs
We also ask that you notify the group leader of any special dietary needs you might have so that we can try to make the necessary arrangements, if at all possible. The ability to meet special dietary needs can be very limited in some places.

Other terms and conditions
1. The right of the tour operator to cancel a package tour due to a low number of participants
In order to organise a package tour, there must be a minimum number of participants involved. As stated in section 10.1 of the General terms and conditions for package travel, the tour operator has the right to cancel a package tour if not enough people have signed up for it and the tour operator has stated that the package tour is subject to demand in the documentation provided to the traveller beforehand. In such cases the traveller must be informed of such a cancellation at least 20 days before the start of the package tour and the tour operator must reimburse the traveller without delay for the price paid for any part of their package tour that was not delivered.

2. Carrier responsibility
Scheduled commercial flights or charter flights (Economy class) are used for the package tour (in accordance with the itinerary). The carriers are responsible for the passengers during transport in accordance with their terms and conditions of carriage. It is a good idea to be prepared for any eventual delays.

3. Tour operator liability for damages
Björk & Boström shall not be liable for any indirect damages, such as business losses resulting from, for example, a delayed return.

4. Björk & Boström is not responsible for: the cancellation of events; changes in event arrangements, schedule or venue; any errors in the event programme; or any costs incurred or loss of income suffered by the customer.

5. Traveller obligation to file a complaint
Any error that can be rectified during travel shall be reported to the guide or other tour operator representative immediately upon discovery of the error. If the traveller fails to do so, they shall not have the right to file a complaint with the tour operator or other service provider for substandard service.

6. Traveller information
As all travellers are protected under the Data Protection Act, and thus we do not disclose traveller information or preliminary information on package tour participants. The disclosure of information is not permitted after travel, either. We ask that you exchange your personal details with any acquaintances you have made during travel on your own.

7. Placements for men and women
Single travellers must be prepared to pay an additional fee for a single room if no other single men or women have signed up for the package tour. The same applies if a single man or woman participant cancels their package tour.

8. Vaccinations
Travellers shall ensure that they have up-to-date vaccinations. For additional information, contact a health care centre or visit

Responsible tour operator Oy Kon-Tiki Tours Ltd / Björk & Boström Urheilumatkat Oy, Fredrikinkatu 25 A 10, 00120 Helsinki, tel. +358 (0)9 466300,




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