Stronger together – your local partners in Finland

Kon-Tiki Finland is a destination management company (DMC) offering tours and travel services for travel agencies from all over the world. We are partners with the most important organizations in the Finnish travel trade, please find more information about them on this page.

We at Kon-Tiki Finland specialize in organizing tailor-made tours in Finland and neighboring countries for groups of 10 people or more. If you are a travel agent looking for a partner in Finland please get in touch! We create unforgettable experiences that include everything you need – taking the hassle out of traveling. Please note that we only provide package pricing (incl. accommodation, activities and airport-transfer). For groups smaller than 10 we have prepared pre-planned tour packages, that you can book easily through our website by clicking here

If you are interested in booking stand-alone activities such as husky sledding or single-destination sightseeing tours  without accommodation and transport – we recommend that you reach out directly to one of our wonderful local partners listed here.

Proudly presenting our local partners

Visit Finland

Part of Business Finland helping travel trade promoting and selling Finland as travel and business events destination as well as finding investment opportunities in the travel sector.

Learn more about Finland, travel info, destinations, four seasons, and experiences.

Visit Lapland

Founded by a team of passionate Arctic travel experts based in Lapland and the UK. With over 30 years of experience in creating the best possible travel experiences, the Visit Lapland team is able to uncover some of the best possible activities to make your adventure a dream Lapland experience.

Learn more about destinations in Lapland and stand-alone activities in Lapland.

Visit Rovaniemi

Aka. Rovaniemi Tourism and Marketing Ltd. is the local tourist board of the Rovaniemi region in Lapland, Finland. Visit Rovaniemi engages in image marketing, media visits, communications and PR, tourist information and congress marketing (Rovaniemi Congresses). Visit Rovaniemi works closely with other regional tourist boards in Lapland and the Regional Council of Lapland, as well as national organizations Visit Finland, Finland Convention Bureau, and Finpro. Co-operators also include airlines Finnair and Norwegian and national railway operator VR, along with a plethora of international tour operators and national and international media.

Learn more about the official home town of Santa Claus and how to book activities such as husky sledding or reindeer farm visits separately.

Visit Helsinki – My Helsinki – Helsinki Marketing

A company owned by the City of Helsinki. The name Helsinki Marketing reflects the company’s expanded scope of operations. The company is responsible for operative city marketing and business partnerships for Helsinki. Helsinki Marketing interacts with local residents, visitors, decision-makers and experts.

Learn more about what to see, do and how to eat and drink sustainably in the capital of Finland through

We are also part of these associations


Association of Finnish Travel Agents is a consortium of over 170 travel agencies, tour operators and incoming agencies that drives its members’ interests in relations with public authorities, legislators as well as in the field of domestic and international organizations. Founded in 1940, the trade association’s international member network now includes more than 100 other travel and tourism companies and entities such as transport companies, accommodation providers, domestic and foreign tourism offices, travel and tourism industry educational institutes, travel consultants, travel media and technology companies.


The International Air Transport Association is the trade association for airlines in the world, representing 82% of total air traffic. IATA supports many areas of aviation activity and helps to formulate industry policies on critical aviation issues.


Are you looking for a DMC partner in Finland?

We at Kon-Tiki Finland are 100% Finnish Destination Management company at your service: read more about us.

If you already have a group that you would like to bring to Finland, but you would need someone to take care of the travel arrangements and create a tailor-made group tours, please reach out to us – we are more than happy to help!

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