Kon-Tiki Tours

Kon-Tiki Finland is a DMC and incoming agency offering tailor-made tours in Helsinki area and Lapland for groups planning a visit to Finland.  Lapland based incoming agency Lapland Leisure Tours was established in 2004 by Heli Harju in Rovaniemi. Kontiki Finland started inbound business in 2012 by an ex-owner of Kon-Tiki Tours. Today we have combined these two companies as Kon-Tiki Finland and have personnel in both Helsinki and Rovaniemi.

Kon-Tiki Finland is owned by Oy Kon-Tiki Tours Ltd that has been in outbound travel business since 1995. Kon-Tiki Tours is a privately owned tour operator and travel agency in Finland. We do tailor made tours for groups all over the world. For individual clients we offer themed tours and market them in co-operation with selected magazines and media. Kon-Tiki Tours serves clients in whole Finland. We operate with local agents, DMCs and incoming agencies all over the world and are happy to offer tailored culture, nature & wellness tours as well as other special interest tours all over the world. We are a member of AFTA (The Association of Finnish Travel Agents),  PATA and  The Finnish Association for Fair Tourism FAFT.

Kon-Tiki Finland, Helsinki office

Timo Saranpää, CEO, entrepreneur
timo@kontiki.fi, +358 50 523 6005

Helga Himberg, Product Manager
helga@kontiki.fi, +358 40 8261786

Heli Harju, Sales Manager
heli@kontiki.fi, +358 40 0436049

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