Culture and history tours in Finland

Intriguing Finnish culture is waiting for your group

Are you looking for something different than usual tours in Finland? Having some specific culture or history theme in mind? Perhaps your group is interested in Finnish design, history or indigenous Sámi culture in Lapland. Or maybe they would like to learn more about local artists; musicians, authors or film directors? We can also advise on the most exciting and quirky local events, festivals and cultural festivities to include on the tour.

Here are some ideas to get you started dreaming about culture themed tours in Finland: music genre (like heavy metal, Finnish folk or classical music such as Jean Sibelius), music festivals (like Savonlinna Opera festival or summer rock festivals), art, artists and design (like Alvar Aalto or Marimekko fashion), local dance (did you know there’s a Finnish version of tango?), local stories and fairytales (or famous cartoons such as Moomins) or maybe even the local everyday culture embracing silence and solitude.

Whichever theme you have in mind please don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we are more than happy to create tailor-made tours for your groups of 10 people or more.

Tell us what your group would like to see, eat and experience and we will make it happen!

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Your all in one travel organizer in Finland

When you organize your dream group tour to Finland through us, you’re guaranteed to get everything you need. You don’t need to separately choose accommodation, transport and activity providers – all that is organized by. We are your one point of contact and your group gets to enjoy the benefits of using our extensive network of local service providers.

We specialize in creating tailor-made culture, nature & wellness tours as well as other special interest tours in Finland and Northern Europe.

Special Interest Tours ​in Finland

Don’t just choose a destination – choose a theme and let us tailor the itinerary for your group accordingly. We know this region the best and will suggest the most suitable options to do based on your client’s needs.

All you need to know is what your group wants and we will take care of the rest. 

Recommended itineraries to Finland and beyond​

Based on our local expertise we recommend the following set-up as a guideline for tailor-made group tours. 

  • Tours in Finland: we recommend the duration to be 1-3 weeks and visiting 1-5 destinations, spending 2-4 days in each destination.
  • Tours to multiple countries in Northern Europe: we recommend to include 2-4 countries (Scandinavia, Baltics, St. Petersburg), 2-4 days in each city, and a duration of 1-3 weeks.

Group size​

For tailor-made tours, our normal group size is 10-30 passengers.​ This is recommended for the best quality-price ratio.

For smaller groups of independent travelers, we offer ready-made travel packages (that are not to be tailored). Book ready-made tours here.

Let us create an unforgettable tour for your group!

Is your group ready to explore Finland and our lovely neighboring countries? Wonderful! Then let us get started!

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Included in all of our tours

  • Tailor-made tour program incl. activities
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation solutions
  • Airport transfer
  • One point of contact

Optional inclusions on our tours

  • Local guide/tour leader
  • Flight arrangements (optional)
  • Restaurant meals and entertainment
  • Entrance to attractions, and events

Package pricing and hassle-free traveling

Please note that we only provide package pricing, always including at least accommodation and transport.  If you’re looking to build a puzzle and book just individual/stand-alone experiences/activities separately we kindly advise you to reach out directly to local tourist information offices or one of our lovely partners

We create unforgettable experiences that include everything your group needs – taking the hassle out of traveling.

Authentic local experiences​

We are 100% owned and operated by Finns and collaborate with Finnish, Nordic and Baltic operators to provide you with genuine and authentic local experiences.

We have chosen to focus on delivering high quality rather than being the cheapest option in the market.

High-quality accommodation​

We mainly use deluxe or first-class hotels, breakfast always included. Downtown location in city hotels and comfortable resorts in beautiful surroundings.​

Optional flight arrangements

We are happy to help to organize flights for your group from their home country to Finland. Just let us know if this is something your group needs.

Airport transfers in Finland are always included in our tours making your group’s arrival more convenient knowing that you will be taken to your final destination by a professional driver. Our local tour guide will also be there to meet and greet your group at the airport.