Sustainable thoughts for your trip to Finland

Man has travelled through the ages and will continue to travel in the future. Travelling responsibly helps preserve nature and the rest of the environment. Your own travel behaviour is important, and respecting other people and cultures is environmental protection at its best.

  1. Get more out of your trip when you get to know the background, development, lifestyle and natural conditions of your destination country in advance.
  2. Avoid putting unnecessary strain on the nature of your destination. Photography is better than collecting souvenirs from nature.
  3. Water and energy are finite resources that are regulated in many countries. Use them in accordance with the conditions, sparing.
  4. Do not litter! Use your example to encourage people to keep the environment tidy.
  5. Benefit the local population by using their services and favour local products in your purchases. However, be aware of endangered animals and protected plants – do not buy souvenirs made from them.
  6. Your own behavior influences how you are perceived as a traveler. Respect the privacy and traditions of local people. Dress in such a way that You do not offend their habits and feelings.


Be part of taking responsibility for the habitable preservation of our environment across our planet. Also here in Finland.

We, on the other hand, take all this into account when choosing service providers for your trip.

You can find wonderful outdoor etiquette for our National Parks via this link, but follow these guidelines also outside the National Parks: Visitor Guidelines and Outdoor Etiquette –

Kon-Tiki Tours / Kon-Tiki Finland / Liberty Finland has been granted "Sustainable Travel Finland"-label. Our long lasting work on sustainable travel has been noted. Thank you, dear clients and partners for supporting us on this journey!
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