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One of the largest archipelagos in the world can be found on the coast of Finland. Bring your group to Finland to explore the coastal area where they can find some old wooden towns, lighthouses, historical manors, and stone churches. The coastal towns are lively especially during the summer months and the harbors often are filled with boats. Island hopping is popular among both the locals and visitors.

Are you planning on bringing your group to Finland? Fantastic! Then you have come to the right place! Finland is located in a perfect geographical location as it can be easy to travel by cruise to for example Stockholm, Tallinn, St Petersburg, and the Åland Islands. Viking Line and Tallink Silja Line organize cruises with their passenger ships all year round.

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We are here to help your group to get the most out of their visit to this region. As true locals, we can take your group to places that travel guide books do not even know of.

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We are more than happy to organize tailor-made tours for groups of 10 or more and for smaller groups and independent travelers we have prepared hassle-free ready-made tour packages.

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Inspiration for further archipelago exploration


The Capital of Estonia, a former Hanseatic town, is a terrific destination and easily reachable from Finland by cruise. There is only 90 kilometres between these two capitals, and it takes approximately 2 hours by cruise to cross the sea in between.

The old town of Tallinn amazes travellers and you can find lots of interesting small shops, cafés and restaurant when you walk down the narrow streets. The old town has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1997.

Tallinn pampers you, offers new experiences, and is also a terrific destination for a more active vacation. The lower price level compared to the Nordic countries attract many which makes it a great shopping destination also.


The Capital of Sweden is a large and international city which has something for everyone’s liking. It is a former Hanseatic city and has had an important in the Nordic countries for a long time.

The city prides itself on being open to anyone and everyone. Rich in history, close to nature and filled with many beautiful things and interesting museums.

Must see places in Stockholm include for example the maritime Vasa Museum, the first open-air museum Skansen, the Old Town, Royal Palace, and the Cityhall.

Stockholm is easily reachable from Helsinki by plan or Viking Line and Tallink Silja Line ferries.


This city is not the capital of Russia, but it is recognized as one of the largest economic, cultural and scientific centers of Russia, Europe, and the whole world.

The city is only 400km from the border of Finland and it can be reached from Helsinki for example by a high-speed Allegro train or a visa-free St Peterline cruise ship.

St Petersburg is an exciting canal city where the visitor gets a great taste of the Russian culture, architecture and the fascinating history. Walking in the center might make you feel like you’re walking in an open-air museum.

Åland Islands

The Åland Islands, or Åland, is an autonomous Swedish-speaking and demilitarized region of Finland. The islands are located in the very heart of the Baltic Sea, halfway between Finland and Sweden.

There are 6,700 islands in total and it offers a unique archipelago culture, maritime heritage, red granite roads, and natural beauty. The islands are a perfect summer destination and it is a popular destination amongst cyclists.

The capital of the islands is Mariehamn, a lovely mid-sized city and the only city on the islands. The center is just a short walk (900m) away from the port where Viking Line and Tallink Silja Line docks during each departure between Helsinki and Stockholm, and Turku and Stockholm. From Finland, you can also travel to the Åland Islands from Naantali.

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