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The Capital of Finland is a laidback and vibrant city which sits on a peninsula in the Gulf of Finland. Helsinki has lots of things to offer both in the winter and summer time. If you need a break from the busy city center and want to experience the Finnish nature, the nearest forests are only 10-15 minutes away from the center.

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Helsinki-Vantaa airport is a popular stopover for thousands of travelers and the amount is increasing year by year. Some visitors like to add a few days to discover Helsinki before they continuing their trip.

The airport is only about 30-minutes from the center of Helsinki. If you happen to have even a few hours between flights, you can visit the city instead of spending your day at the airport. You can travel between Helsinki and the airport by train, bus or taxi.

Sauna experience

It is estimated that there are two million saunas in Finland. The population of Finland is about 5.3 million so you can imagine how important the saunas are for the locals.

Back in the days, the sauna was used, not when it was heated, during childbirth as it was the most sterile place with hot water available. You can still find people in Finland who were born in the sauna. During the long winters when there was no running hot water, saunas were the most practical places to get washed.

Saunas can be found for example in city apartments, detached houses, country cottages, public swimming halls. The president and prime minister of Finland both have an official sauna.


The nature in Finland is unique and it plays an incredibly important role for Finns. Finland is called the ”land of a thousand lakes”, it has one of the larges archipelagoes in the world, and the forests are considered as ”green gold”.

Back in the days before any of the main religions reached Finland, people believed in the Gods, spirits, and elves living in the forests. People worshiped and flattered them so that they would not cause any harm.

Nature is where people go to relax and take some time off from their busy schedules. Spending time in a forest has been proven to calm us down. Since childhood, Finns spend countless of hours in the forest, and nature is an important part throughout their lives.

Helsinki – Lapland combination

Want to experience city life in Finland and combine it with Lapland’s winter wonderland or midsummer sun dream? In that case, we highly recommend making a stopover in Helsinki before or after going to Lapland.

Helsinki is the Capital of Finland, where you will feel the closeness of nature while being in the largest city of Finland. From Helsinki-Vantaa airport, there are daily flights to different destinations in Lapland such as Rovaniemi, Kuusamo, Kittilä and Ivalo airports. By air, the travel time is about an hour.

If you’re eager to see more of the countryside and want to travel in a more sustainable way, taking the night train between Helsinki and Rovaniemi is a great option. On this 12-13h trip, you get to see how nature changes from south to north.

Airport transfers

Helsinki-Vantaa airport is located about 30-minutes from the center of Helsinki by train, taxi or bus. You can book a transfer from us in advance and make your arrival more convenient knowing that you will be taken to your final destination by a professional driver.

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